How is examined for repeated miscarriages during pregnancy?

  1. By elucidation of abortus habitualis doctor will at first consultation with you and using previous records to try to get an overview of the progress of the previous pregnancies. This can often be a rather complicated affair, and it is recommended that the couple prior to trying to write the information about previous pregnancies, down (date, how far were you at what was the treatment). In addition, the doctor will collect information about your health ceasefire and on the presence of significant hereditary factors in your family
  2. By three abortions or more referred to the gynecologist who will carry out a study of the uterus by ultrasound scan and a comprehensive risk assessment
  3. Apart from scanning, background and information about the woman’s age, one can give a reasonable estimate of the chance that the next pregnancy goes well without any treatment. This can be a great help when a couple must consider if they dare try new pregnancy, as well as whether they should take against the elucidation and any treatment services, which are resource-intensive and may have side effects


How made the diagnosis?

3 or more repetitive abortions, where pregnancy is detected with urine HCG, ultrasound or tissue study.


What treatment is there?

In General, we must unfortunately say that the vast majority of treatments of abortus habitualis is not very well substantiated by scientific studies. Since sandsyligheden of pregnancy without any treatment after three or four abortions is still fairly large, will any treatment actions result in many successful pregnancies, even if treatment is ineffective. Therefore, all treatments of abortus habitualis, in principle, be tested in clinical controlled studies at centres specifically savvy. By consideration of medical treatment, of course, it is also important to use only medications in the early phase, as we know, do not give birth defects.


After 3 miscarriages


If you have three miscarriages one after the other, there is still a high probability that this has been done by a mere coincidence, and there is a good chance that the next pregnancy is progressing normally. Chances are even better, if you have previously completed a normal pregnancy, studied by automotiveqna. Abortions can lead to mental health problems, and such problems in pregnancy may increase the risk of a new abortion. Perhaps psychological support in early pregnancy may reduce the risk of a new abortion with those with unexplained abortions. In most cases this will be an ultrasound scan to see if the uterus is normal. When pregnancy occurs, will follow the pregnancy with ultrasound scan every two weeks until you reach 12. week.


After 4 or more spontaneous abortions


By more than three abortions, or if you have previously had a late abortion, your mother or sister has aborted several times, or you have a so-called autoimmune disease may be offered further elucidation.


This may include blood tests, in which your immune system, the blood’s clotting ability or your chromosomes studied.


If there is shown a chromosomal error with either father or mother may refer to the genetic counseling, where you are trying to find out whether the defect may result in risks to the fetus, or about to be made special studies of a new pregnancy.


In some cases, a treatment with blood thinners in the next pregnancy be topical.


More special treatments are only at an experimental level.


How is long-term prospects?

They will depend on the number of abortions and births in the woman and a number of other factors such as age, smoking, alcohol, obesity and the presence of endocrine or immunological diseases.


How do I avoid getting or exacerbating repeated miscarriages?

By avoiding harmful influences like smoking, alcohol and obesity and ensure that any medical diseases are successfully treated.

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