Meconium Aspiration Syndrome in Pregnancy

In the womb is the fetal gastrointestinal tract filled with a dark, sticky, green feces, which is called meconium. Inside the uterus, a number of factors can lead to increased bowel activity and relaxation of rectal sphincter. It leads to that meconium into the amniotic fluid. If it happens, will be the amniotic fluid meconium and tilblandet will be unclear and green.


Meconium aspiration syndromemay occur if the fetus comes to inhaling amniotic fluid with meconium. If meconium is sterile, it is irritant and can block the Airways defined by insurancejust. Different situations increases the risk of meconium aspiration, for example, slow birth, fetuses that are small (small for date) by cord-complications, chronic medical conditions and poor growth inside the womb.


Meconium aspiration can cause a partial or complete blockage of the baby’s airway. Mekoniumet will be enclosed in the Airways when the baby breathes out. The involved lung can be greatly expanded, which could lead to a rift in the lung and after following coincidence of the lung (pneumothorax). Meconium can also cause irritation in the baby’s Airways and lungs.


Treatment of meconium aspiration syndrome can be to suck the airway, give antibiotics, the use of a ventilator or other support for the oxygenation of the blood and lung physiotherapy.

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