Pregnancy: Assisted Birth (Sucker)

During pregnancy a woman’s uterus houses and protects the growing embryo in approximately 40 weeks. When the birth goes in time, examines the child a series of movements, which eases its way down through the birth canal.


Sometimes hands, however, that the child is stuck in the birth canal. This can happen if the child does not occupy the right position if birth stops due to lack of contractions, or if the child is a little large in proportion to the square of the birth canal. The suction cup may also be used by affected heart sound in the child, or if the birthing is very udtrættet.


In these situations, a suction cup coupled to a vacuum pump is used to help out. The suction cup is placed on the baby’s head in the vaginal opening. That is accomplished by suction using a manual or electric pump from growtheology. The doctor pulls with under veen and holder again in most of the break.


Sucked helps to pull the baby out, until the head has come out of the birth canal. At this point remove the Cup, and the birth is continuing as normal.

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