When offered ultrasound examination in pregnancy?

All pregnant women in Denmark get routinely offered nuchal translucency scan in week 11 + 3 to 13 + 6 (see andyeducation). The pregnant sheep in this respect taken a blood test (double test) with two biochemical markers (PAPP-A and beta-hCG) for trisomy 21. Apart from the thickness of fetal nuchal translucency, the result of double test and the woman’s age is calculated a risk for Down syndrome. If this risk is greater than 1:300, offered the pregnant a placenta or an amniocentesis. By nuchal translucency scan fixed futures time also.


All pregnant women in Denmark also get deals on routine ultrasound examination, carried out in 18-20 week. The purpose of the study is to investigate whether the fetus has some congenital malformations.


In early pregnancy defined by businessjust, it may be necessary to determine whether there exists a normal intact pregnancy. By bleeding in the first trimester (threatening abortion) carried out ultrasound. Suspected pregnancy outside the uterus, carried out ultrasound.


Later in the pregnancy ultrasound is used by cancermatters for control and monitoring of risk pregnancies. There is a suspicion of stunted growth of the fetus. In these cases you can measure the flow conditions in the various blood vessels at fetal to plan the next steps. Women with an increased risk of premature birth can be examined with a measurement of uterine neck length of about 23. week. It is about women who are pregnant with twins or women who previously have born too early.



Early pregnancy scans to the uterus through the vagina (transvaginal ultrasound).


By nuchal translucency scans performed between weeks 11 and 14, to make primarily scanning through the stomach, however, sometimes it may be necessary to scan through the vagina.


By means of scanning in week 18-20 carried out scanning through the stomach.


By transvaginal examination you will be laying on her back with hips lightly raised or in a standard gynecologic examination rent. A lydhoved activity by gel and applied a condom before it is introduced into the vagina.


Transabdominal study performed while lying on your back. That lubrication gel on his stomach to better sound/picture quality. Lydhovedet put on the stomach and the person in charge of the investigation, provided with on screen. Inquiry time depends on what one checks for.


How do I prepare?

The investigation is without physical discomfort.


Ultrasonic investigations in pregnancy is an offer from computerminus, and the pregnant must have both oral and written information, which is a prerequisite to consent to the investigation. Thus shall take the decision to get pregnant carried out ultrasound examinations on the basis of an informed choice.


How dangerous is ultrasound scan in pregnancy?

Ultrasound in connection with pregnancy and childbirth have been used over the last 30 years, referring to estaterealest. There are no studies which suggest that ultrasound have harmful side effects. And there is no radiation risk as by x-ray. Studies of the long-term effects on children who have been exposed to ultrasound in pregnancy, shows no adverse effects, either on growth, language or physical development.

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